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Neil Tan

Stage One
Research Document
Concept Development
Design Document
Layout Stage One

Research Document

What is the working title of your site?
The working title of the website will be "Loopkicks"

What is the topic of your site?
The topic of the site is martial arts tricking, performances, seminars, private instruction, and special events.

Who is your target audience?How do you know that? Please describe.
The target audience is the martial arts community as well as the tricking community and entertainment agencies. We will know this by listing the services that this team provides in the service directory of the website.

How do you plan to attract your target audience?
My plan to attract this crowd is to be able to have a clean website that has good videos and still images to show what this team can offer and the site will have tutorials of how to do certain movemonets the correct way. This will attract a lot of new people who are getting interested as well as the advanced people who want to learn more from the professionals.

Stage Two
Supporting Images
Grid System
Functioning Prototype

Stage Three
Copy for Site
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